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ULKASEMI is for those who are passionate, dedicated and committed to hard work in the semiconductor industry.  It is a great place for beginners to learn and grow through intensive training and hand-on experiences. We offer the platform for fresh graduates to develop their skills and unleash their potential to become tech thought leaders.

If you love challenges, have passion for working in this industry, and want to work at a company on the cutting edge of Bangladesh’s technology industry with expertise from Silicon Valley and around the world, this is the right place for you.

We provide the opportunity for employees’ career growth and a well-defined career ladder. An employee has the full freedom and scope to see their position in a bigger picture, and explore better opportunities for development here at ULKASEMI by involving themselves in exciting and challenging projects. All employees get an open door to work for many renowned tech companies.

We have gathered and built experienced professionals to lead and develop the fresh graduates and make them future tech leaders. Currently we are a big family of more than 350 people globally and are growing rapidly.  We invite you to join our family and shape your future. The choices, ideas and dreams are yours and we can provide the necessary nurture and investment for you.

Work Culture

  • Equal opportunity
  • Friendly environment
  • Flexibility¬†

These three are the most important elements of our working environment at ULKASEMI. We believe that each of us has a say and can put their contribution for strengthening our business strategy and development. We are open and want to hear all your concerns.

We invest in people. We like to ignite their hidden inner quests and potential and mold them into a shape which allows them to represent world class service to our clients. You will feel welcomed in our team by a strong sense of belongingness and will have ownership of your career here.

As our culture speaks for equal opportunity for all, women empowerment can be posed as one of the real demonstrations of this statement. Many of our leading and top positions are held by amazingly talented women through their dedication, hard work and brilliance.

We embrace all irrespective of their color, race, gender, caste, sexual orientation and background. We only care for your passion, dedication, hard work, enthusiastic mind, and ethical values.

employee benefits

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Performance Incentives
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