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IC design services

  • Semiconductor design is a highly competitve and dynamic sector pitching large established companies against new emerging ones, all seeking the market leading performance for a succesful design.Design costs are rising to accommodate increased design and verification costs and the use of the latest technology nodes. Examples of our expertise include:
  • Architecture Planning
  • System Level Modeling
  • Circuit Design and Simulation
  • Block and Full Chip Layout
  • Physical Verification
  • Parasitic Extraction
  • Post Layout Simulation
  • GDSII Release
  • Foundry Interface
  • Ulkasemi’s design teams are always designing and 50% of our engineering resource is typically operating on designs below 20nm technology node. An engineer in a Ulkasemi team will reach tape out a number of times a year and have knowledge of most of the latest EDA tools within their expertise area.