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Our foundry technology and design enablement team supports different well-known foundries and is a part of the supply chain model. Currently, we provide support for the following services from 90 nm to the latest competitive nodes at Plannar, FDSOI and FinFet technologies.

  1. MPW Support: The Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) support offers to build Physical design for IP validation, Design Enablement, Device Characterization, discovering new possibilities with foundries etc.

  2. IP Development and QA: Support to develop Analog IP, Custom Memory/Digital IP, Physical Design of Memory Compiler and Standard Cells IP under industrial QA process

  3. Automation: Develop automated tools and process automation for foundries based on requirements to enhance analytical proficiency ensuring the quality of analysis.

  4. Technology, Architecture and Competitiveness: Provide support on Analog Circuit and Physical Design for compaction and Analog Design methodology optimization.

  5. SoC analysis: Investigate the Physical Design of chips to extract analog, digital logic, memory, RF etc. and the scope of improvement of chip size and cost.

  6. Benchmarking: Support on comparative analysis of different Analog/Digital/Mixed Signal IPs developed by other competitors and generate analytical reports to view the scope of improvement.

  7. Support PPA, IPTest, MHC: Provide support on PPA analysis for IPs, design enablement; IPTest with experimental PDKs in next generation nodes; MHC (Model to Hardware Correlation) to validate the new devices for co-optimization of power, speed etc.

  8. Architectural Analysis of Complex cells: Evaluate the complex cells of standard cell library with different architecture to figure out the best optimized cells.

  9. PnR Assistance: Deliver PnR driven digital block by performing proper STA analysis, Logical equivalence with proper QA process.

  10. Patent Mining: Search and analyze competitors’ patent portfolio to enable adoption of innovations for our customers based on their requirements