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We (ULKASEMI) will provide leadership in every aspect of our business. We will give every effort to complete our work by offering optimum quality to fully satisfy or exceed our customer’s expectation. We will continue to develop our management systems and remain focused on our customer services system.

To meet our goals, we adopt quality management system and comply with all applicable laws, thus we can continually improve our quality management system. We will set quality management systems objectives properly for ensuring continual improvement. Our quality policy is appropriate to our purpose and our context of the organization which will support all strategic direction from our top management.

Our human resources will be our greatest asset for all the time, and we will provide regular training and opportunity of development to our people so that the quality of their work continually improve to achieve the goal of our quality management systems.

Our policy will be documented and communicated within our organization. We consider our duty to review the policy periodically and ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to our organization.

Our Bangladesh office is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

For any questions related to our QMS policy, please contact our QA Coordinator Mir Mariam Hossain (mir.mariam.hossain@ulkasemi.com)

QMS poilicy