19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
ULKASEMI attended the North America Technology Symposium – 2023 at Santa Clara, CA, United States on 26th April, 2023 where TSMC showcased its latest technology developments.
Besides presentations of the progress of advanced TSMC technologies, the Symposium had an Open Innovation Platform ECO pavilion in which TSMC partners (Design service companies, EDA partners, IP vendors, Packaging companies, etc.) showcased and demonstrated their latest cutting-edge products and technologies.
As a TSMC Design Center Alliance (DCA) partner, ULKASEMI had the privilege to set up a booth at the Open Innovation Platform ECO pavilion where our engineers promoted the company’s excellent Design Services for COT, ASIC, and Custom Design domains. More than 130 potential customers visited our booth and showed interest to learn more about our products. Engineers and a small part of the Management Bodies from our USA Design Center represented ULKASEMI at the booth and made effective communications with the visitors and potential customers all day long at the symposium.
ULKASEMI also attended Taiwan Technology Symposium– 2023 in Taiwan on 11th May, 2023.